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Fix Your Sinuses is Palm Beach County’s premier balloon sinuplasty medical practice. Not only do our doctors have a combined experience of over 35 years in ear, nose and throat treatments, they have been pioneering the non-invasive balloon sinuplasty technique since it was proven as a legitimate technique within the medical community.

Our Doctors

Although it was first introduced as a technique for use during plastic surgery on the nose, Fix Your Sinuses’ Dr. Michael Schwartz was able to see its potential as an effective, minimally invasive sinus treatment. Since then he has gone on to co-author two national studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of this technique compared to standard surgical treatments.

Dr. Joseph R. Zito is the other practicing physician at Fix Your Sinuses. His dedication to Head and Neck surgery is shown by his participation in the Maintenance of Certification program. By ensuring that he is well-versed in the latest techniques that deal with adult general Ear, Nose and Throat medical and surgical care; his services now include this state-of-the-art treatment.









What Is Balloon Sinuplasty?

Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive treatment for chronic sinusitis and other ailments. Chronic sinusitis is when the cavities around the nasal passages (your sinuses) become inflamed due to infection or trauma and fail to respond to oral treatment attempts. With Balloon sinuplasty, local anesthesia is applied before a catheter tube with an inflatable bulb is worked through the nasal passage and to the sinuses. Once there the bulb is inflated to assist in draining the sinuses of any built up fluids and physically forcing the passageway to remain open. Heart surgeons use this same method when opening up blocked arteries. The recovery time for balloon sinuplasty is as little as 1-2 days because the procedure doesn’t include the removal of bone or tissue from the nose like other, more invasive surgeries does.

Find Out If Balloon Sinuplasty Is Right For You

If you are experiencing sinus related headaches, trouble breathing, sinus pressure, and pain, or compromised taste that persists despite treatment, look to see if balloon sinuplasty is the treatment for you. With our offices in West Palm Beach, FL, we’re here to help anyone increase their quality of life by relieving unbearable sinus pressure today!

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