Summer in Florida is not like the warm days up north. In many ways, our Summer is like Spring or Fall: Blossoms and various pollens equal allergies! Did you know that Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Zito provide expert allergy testing to help you understand exactly what your body may be responding to? At Fix Your Sinuses we offer comprehensive tests for everything from food allergies to reactions from grasses and pollens. Because your breathing matters it is critical to understand how your body is affected by allergies. Breathing poorly can contribute to many maladies including headaches and even strokes.

In many cases, what you may thing is an allergy that congests your sinus passages may simply be a treatable condition. This is where balloon sinuplasty comes in. Our team offers expert balloon sinuplasty procedures and everything you need to know if you are a good candidate. In the Palm Beaches, Fix Your Sinuses is the preeminent practice for all things sinus!