Ten Signs You May Be A Candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty


1. The Sniffles

Do you find yourself constantly sniffling or needing to reach for that box of Kleenex? If so, it could be a sign of chronic sinusitis, a condition whereby your nasal passages are reacting to various factors and constricting air flow.

2. Headaches

Are you suffering from little headaches in the morning when you wake up? or at night? This could be a symptom of chronic nasal congestion.

3. Runny Nose

Always reaching for that tissue? Always needing to blow your nose or deal with post-nasal drip (runny nose)? This could be a sign of significant allergies and nasal congestion that can be treated easily with balloon sinuplasty.

4. Snoring

Keeping your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend up at night because of your snoring? Snoring is usually a sign of chronic nasal issues ranging from congestion to allergies. Balloon sinuplasty will help treat your snoring if not removing it entirely from your musical repertoire!

5. Breathing Through Your Mouth

Do you find yourself breathing through your mouth more often than your nose? If so it probably means you have major sinus issues such as sinusitis and/or allergies, all of which can make you a perfect candidate for balloon sinuplasty!

6. Nasal Voice

Do you sound a bit nasaly when you speak? When you are not breathing properly through your nose your voice changes and you are not able to speak and breathe correctly. Fix that nasal voice today!

7. Sleep Apnea

Are you waking up many times and going back to sleep in the middle of the night? If so this sleep apnea could be a major indicator of sinus trouble that can affect your rest and even lead to possible strokes.

8. Restless Leg Syndrome

Are you kicking and constantly moving your legs when you sleep? Studies have indicated that restless leg syndrome may be caused by a lack of airflow and oxygen to the brain. When your brain doesn’t get enough oxygen as you sleep your body reacts in reflexive ways. Clogged sinuses contribute greatly to restless leg syndrome.

9. Poor Cardiovascular Performance

Do you find yourself out of breath often, even when eating or climbing stairs? This could be a sign of poor airflow due to poor breathing and disruptive sinus congestion. When your breathing is only through your mouth your cardiovascular performance loses great efficiency and leads to poor performance in sports and other physical activities.

10. Diminished Sinus Passages

When you only breathe partly through your nose your airflow efficiency is greatly affected. Even when you feel some flow, if you are not getting 100% consistency in both sinus passages your breathing and overall health can be greatly impacted!

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