What Our Patients Are Saying



“I saw Dr. Mitchell for my sinus issues. His staff was very friendly and professional. Dr. Mitchell was impressive with his demeanor and the way he explained my options. He gave me great care in the form of the right medication and surgical options. The experience was very positive and I always felt comfortable with his competence. I always felt like I was in good hands and that made a big difference for me.”

George M.


“I had terrible sinusitis and difficulty breathing. Dr. Mitchell’s balloon sinuplasty really changed my life. I can sleep better now and I don’t wake up feeling groggy or tired anymore.”

Stephanie P.


“Thanks to balloon sinuplasty by Dr. Mitchell I no longer snore and my wife doesn’t hate me for keeping her up anymore. The procedure was easy and there was no down time. I feel much better and I can perform better in my work. It’s made a huge difference in my life.”

William K.

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